Helping you easily create the perfect tribute through technology.



Your Funeral Home, Director and staff offer you their sincerest condolences in your time of loss. 

TribuAssist by MemoryGuard was designed to ease the task of collecting photos and information for your loved one's service and rushing them over to the funeral home to prepare a video tribute. The TribuAssist process is quick and easy, and makes preparing a meaningful memorial tribute more enjoyable than ever before. Upon start-up of TribuAssist, you will be informed of the number of available media files you may send to the server. Should this number be insufficient, and you desire to acquire more, please contact your funeral service provider for more information prior to Finalizing & Sending any files.



Creating a Video Tribute with the help of your funeral home and TribuAssist should not be a burdensome task. Apart from locating those special pictures and/or video clips, submitting them to your funeral director it is really quite easy.

While many photos may bring back fond memories, it is not necessary to include them all. An average tribute may include anywhere between 50 and 75 images. Should you desire more, an option is available with your funeral director to use up to 150 images.

Many tributes include a mixture of old, new, Polaroid and even digital images. These all come together to create a unique, character-rich video tribute. So use whatever images you feel appropriate.


Your funeral provider has provided you with an account log-in which connects you with the TribuAssist server to submit images, captions and even video.

Enter the correct Username and Password supplied to you by your Funeral Director to begin the process.



Upload images from your computer or mobile device directly into The TribuAssist Gallery of images.

A Note for Mobile Users:
If using a mobile device equipped with a high resolution camera, you may opt first, to "Scan" images into your phone by simply taking a quality picture of it. This practice may be done if images are not yet digitized and on your phone or coomputer. Once there in your phone's gallery, it can be treated as any other image on your device.  

Uploading Images:
While in TribuAssist, click the green Upload button on the screen to open a dialog that will help you select the images you desire. You may select one or more images simulatneously to upload, limited only by the maximum number of images allowed as indicated with the counts shown in the page: Capacity, Current and Available. Once upload is complete, your images will appear in the TribuAssist Gallery.

Allowable Image types are .jpg(preferred) and .png image formats. Attempting to upload other formats will fail. Please convert them into the preferred .jpg format. If Using a Apple product such as an iPhone, Mac or iPad, please convert them from the .jpeg format into the standard windows .jpg.

Note: Be aware of uploading images while using mobile devices as you may incur excessive data charges. Please attempt to use WiFi access if possible.


You may edit (Images ONLY) within TribuAssist immediately following Importing into Gallery by clicking on the Image Edit button in the Gallery to enter Edit Mode.

Rotate Left:
Allows Rotation of turned images a quarter turn to the left to attain the correct position for display.

Rotate Right:
Allows Rotation of turned images a quarter turn to the right to attain the correct position for display.

Allows you to crop your image to display the image as desired, by cutting out the undesired portions of the captured image.

This will return your image back to original form IF done prior to Saving your edits.

This will permanently save your editing of images and discard the original.


You are able to organize the order and placement of your images should you desire. You have three options available for organization:

Setting Thumbnail:
You must select a main thumbnail image for your obituary and/or video tribute. This is the main image that will be used for initial display.
Set it by checking the thumbnail box above the desired image. Only one may, and must be selected

The most obvious organizational function is to delete an unwanted image or even all of them. Below Each Image is a Single Image Delete button in red. Above the Gallery images is a Delete All button in red. Each of these carry out their intended task.

Rather than deleting an image and uploading a new one, you may select the Replace button found under each image in grey. This will allow you to search for another image that will take over the current one, and still keep it's position in the list.

Shuffle Media:
This blue button found above the Gallery of images will perform a randomized sort of all your images. As this action can not be undone, please use carefully.

Reposition a Singe Image:
To move a single image from one position in the list to another, simple locate the image and change the number of it. As an example: To move image 50 to be the first image shown in the slideshow video, change 50 to 1 in the field just above the image. Image 50 will then be inserted in position 1, while the previous image 1 will be shifted to 2 along with the other images in similar fashion.


TribuAssist offers Samples of each of the following in the Tribute Preferences section


Enhance the video tribute by selecting a video style which presents the images in a unique and particular way. The default style is called Simplistic which displays each selection in full-screen HD with gracefully applied movements and zooms. Without any desired preference, this style will be used.


Enhance the video tribute by adding a unique "In Loving Memory" theme that takes you on a conceptual journey. These tastefully designed themes help to characterize the life of your loved one. For example, our Stairway To Heaven theme takes you through a garden path, up the stairs into a virtual doorway to heaven. There it presents "In Loving Memory" of your loved one with name and Thumbnail Photo, then ascending into the clouds and heavens. This is then followed by an optional reading of the obituary or personalized text.


Your funeral home has a selection of appropriate music that will be played in the chapel. The music selections for the actual tribute video will vary. Due to overwhelming legal ramifications related to copyright and usage laws as it pertains to funeral homes, it is highly recommended to allow your funeral director to include a variety of legal music to your video compilation.
Your funeral director will select a series of legal, appropriate music that will enhance the tribute.



Your Video Tribute will be available to play in the Chapel or other facility being used for the visitation and/or funeral ceremony. You may request DVD Keepsakes of the original video production to be ordered on your behalf by the funeral home.
These video keepsakes are professionally manufactured* to exacting retail/store-bought specifications to give you unsurpassed quality.
Included is:
1. The professional DVD Case, beautifully crafted in Full Color in the theme of your choice
2. Your matching, Full Color DVD-Video Disc containing the full Memorial Tribute
3. An accompanying Full Color Insert Introduction of the Video Tribute

Please inform your funeral director of how many DVD Keepsakes your family will require.

*Please allow 5 - 7 business days for delivery.


MemoryGuard's LCD Video Tribute book is an instantly playable video of your loved one's tribute in an elegant, handheld book form. Once opened, the Video Tribute of your loved one is displayed on a 7" Digital LCD screen in full sound and color.
Reminisce instantly, anywhere, and without the need of a DVD Player, computer or Internet connection. Rechargeable battery and usb charge cable is included.
For more Information about the LCD Video Tribute Book, please watch video 


Along with ordering a DVD-Video copy for a keepsake, we offer LCD Video Keepsake Books that instantly play the video you are creating. They make a perfeck keepsake that is easy to access and will fill the hearts with loving memories for years.

Ask your Funeral Director about the options available.